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Monday Option Blitz

Every Monday - 12:00pm EST (except holidays)

Join CBOE market maker, Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring, and TradeKing Senior Option Analyst, Brian Overby, as they team up for the live Option Blitz: Weekly Options Review. Start your week off with Dan's potential trade set-up and Brian's analysis for the week. Anyone can attend the webinar and there are no monetary costs involved.

Tuesday Midday Market Call

Every Tuesday - 12:00pm EST (except holidays)

Get solid market analysis and potential trading ideas. Join Barron's columnist and Chartered Market Technician, Michael Kahn of Quick Takes Pro, and TradeKing Option Guy, Brian Overby, as they analyze the market during this live online session. As an added bonus, Michael shares the Quick Takes Pro "Chart of the Day" and Brian discusses at least one option trade. Anyone can attend the webinar and there are no monetary costs involved.

Options Trading for rookies webinar series

A big 'Thank You' to those who attended Brain Overby's Options Trading for Rookies webinar series. If you missed the series, or one of the sessions, we have recorded versions of each session available. If you have never traded an option contract but have always been curious, we designed this course for you: a great first step on the option trading learning path!

Part One: Option Trading Terminology

Understanding the unique terminology associated with option trading is one of the first hurdles a new investor must overcome. Brian Overby breaks down these terms down for novice investors, in this part one of three part series on option trading for rookies.

Part Two: Introduction to Option Pricing

In this session, Brian Overby dissects the price of an option contract, which provides the base knowledge to be able to talk about option trading strategies. Many beginning option traders jump right in from learning the terms to placing a trade, but options pricing is tricky compared to stocks and it is best to understand why before dipping a toe in the water.

Part Three: Talkin Strategy "Time"

Brian discusses popular basic option strategies and offers insights into common pitfalls. As Brian guides you through the topic, he'll also compare an alternative, more "rookie friendly" introductory option trade: selling an OTM call on a stock that you already own--a strategy known as a "covered call".


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